Relax inside this welcoming park model: The interior layout is pure perfection

Let's face it – winter sucks. That pile of snow covering your car isn't going to shovel itself, and it all begins to seem gloomy and depressing as you watch more flakes pile up. You need a place to ward off the winter chill, somewhere that will cheer you up with all its charm, making you forget about the blizzard outside your door.
Cue the 2017 Quailridge park model from Suncoast RV Trailer Sales. August is almost here, and your vacation park model is ready to go. Let's take a look at what the interior has to offer. You're going to love the loft.
Wow! The windows in the living room are huge, and that couch looks like it's perfectly made for lounging around.
Just across from the couch is a corner fireplace that keeps the interior warm and snug and the bitter cold outside where it belongs.
Modern stainless steel amenities add a touch of class to cooking. They also go well against the light, bright interior décor that's far cheerier when you compare it to the winter wonderland outside.
We fell in love with the cozy dining area that can convert from a two-seater to full dining for four via the cushioned bench.
What the bathroom lacks in storage, it makes up for with counter space. There's plenty of room behind the sink to store everything you need for your morning routine.
Sleeping the winter hours away is as easy as cuddling up on the queen bed with its shimmering sheets. Who says winter hibernation can't be fashionable?
The loft is divided into two separate spaces, each with furnace vents to keep the upstairs as warm as the downstairs. It's a great place to spend time during the winter months for those who need a little more leg room.
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