Enter a model with the loveliest front porch — its living room is like no other

This park model has all the features of a high-end home. Every detail has been carefully attended to, from the peaked roofs to the massive front porch and big, beautiful windows throughout. Talk about curb appeal!
Once inside, you'll be even more impressed with the size. There's a roomy living and kitchen area, a gigantic loft with headroom, and a back bedroom that will fit a king-size bed. Take the tour, and explore this Olympus park model for yourself.
Look at those lofty ceilings. The living room is wide open to the kitchen and loft, keeping everything light and airy. It also boasts an electric fireplace, room for a TV, and large, elegant windows.
From here you can also see the modern, full-sized kitchen. The counter space is generous, the fridge is standard-size, and there are enough cabinets for all your goodies.
The large windows set throughout the home let in an abundance of natural light and illuminate the space, making everything feel open and much bigger than it actually is.
The loft is spacious enough for a bed, a storage space or a workspace. It can be transformed into a bedroom, craft room or even a playroom for the kids.
Tucked in the back of the home is the master bedroom. This space can accommodate a king-size bed and comes with two bedside tables already fit in. There's a window on each side, and another big window to the right.
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