Live completely off the grid with this unique park model – it's got all the essentials

Just looking at the exterior, you can tell that this park model is very modern. Sustain Design Studio, a pre-fab park model company in Canada, has produced a series of mini-homes that are sure to please even the most finicky critics. We'll be looking at the Solo 36 Bunkie.
Canada's rich forests provide the glossy wood for the model's beautiful exterior. The frame itself is a mix of wood construction and structured steel, but the ingredients that make up this amazing unit aren't what you care about, are they? You want to see inside, and we're more than happy to oblige.
Large sliding glass doors allow plenty of natural light in to brighten up the interior. Although the basic park model is powered by an electric boiler, you can have a pellet stove added that will heat the home without eating up your wallet.
Contemporary furniture decorates the spacious and squeaky clean interior. The compact kitchen setup may be a bit small for some, but it has everything you need to cook, wash, and store dishes. This model gives you several different options for hooking up a water system, including a rainwater harvesting and filtration system for off-the-grid living.
You can see the pellet stove in the corner of this model; it takes up minimal space and keeps you toasty warm in the cooler months. Thankfully, Canadian citizens can use this park model as a permanent residence. Zoning laws in the U.S. prevent this from being classified as such, but you can use it as a modern bunkhouse or granny hut.
The glass shower in the bathroom is absolutely beautiful and sports a crystal clear design.
The bedroom is fairly gigantic for a park model. Notice the taller ceilings; these are for the loft area above the kitchen that can be used for storage of extra equipment and appliances.
If you want to go 100% green and off-grid, there's the option to have the Green Roof system installed. It uses plant life that grows on top of the roof to provide natural heating, cooling, and insulation, as well as working in conjunction with any solar energy systems you may also choose to install.
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