This ultra-sleek park model will last a lifetime – and its interior will shock you

What if you had a chance to own a home that left no carbon footprint -- one that is built only from sustainable materials? That's what Sustain Design Studio is all about. Sustain designed the Cali SOLO 1 to give people the option of living in harmony with the world around them, and they did so with some serious style.
The Cali SOLO 1 is a solar-ready, pre-fab park model that has been trimmed down to the bare essentials for living consciously. Its eco-friendly features give you a guilt-free living space to call home, but it's also very modern.
The living space is divided from the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom by a spacious outdoor patio. This lets you entertain without having to give up your privacy.
It's also handy if you live with someone else and you have different schedules; they can sleep peacefully in the early hours of the morning while you use the living space for work or leisure.
The living area itself has large, open windows that make way for breathtaking views. This model has been decorated with ultra modern furniture -- I especially love the solid white coffee table.
Just look at how bright this kitchen is! Imagine yourself cooking breakfast with the sun's rays peeking up over the horizon, slowly illuminating everything around you. Ah, it almost makes me wish I owned this park model, but you wouldn't see me out of bed before 8 a.m.
Ample storage space overhead has been transformed into a second bedroom for guests. You could easily fit another twin bed up there if you really wanted to -- or you could leave it as a spacious guest bedroom.
The bathroom features a shower/tub combo, large closet and divided space for the toilet.
I can't imagine a more beautiful bedroom. The master suite has everything: a king size bed, great views and hardwood floors. I'm not sure what that thing on the end of the bed is, but that looks cool too. This home truly has everything you need.
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